Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday cakes, Part 1

I love to make my kids and family their birthday cakes. After paying out the wazoo for a few cakes, I can't be that hard, I'll make them myself. It was the best idea. Ever. I started 3 years ago and I'm never looking back! I find most of my ideas from the Internet and then put my own twist on them. Here are most of the ones that I've made. Enjoy!

This is my son's 1st Birthday party. My first birthday cake!

I just had to add this one because he was so little and he dug right in his cake! P.S. Yellow and black icing isn't a great idea for a smash cake. It turns into a very nasty color. One that looks like it came from the other end. Ok. Moving on. ;)
This was my Sweetie Pie's(daughter #2) second birthday cake. 
This is my Sweet Pea's(oldest daughter) 4th birthday cake. She loves horses!
This was my son's 2nd birthday  cake. 

Here's the first part of my cakes. I'm by no means an expert decorator, but my kids fall head over heels in love with a cake made by mommy, just for them. That makes me happy! 

I hope you have a deliciously wonderful day!

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