About Me

I am a wife, a mother, and an aspiring cook. I love to cook and bake. It has become an adventure for me. When I first got married, I cared nothing about cooking....at all. Now, almost 8 years later, I am in love with cooking. I love making homemade foods for my family. I love to bake all my kids birthday cakes and decorate them. When I see my kids faces light up, it makes it all worth while.  I find cooking to be exhilarating. I find baking homemade bread to be very relaxing. Do you need to relieve some stress? Knead some bread! Then eat it right out of the oven with butter (the real stuff please!). Trust me, you won't be sorry! Baking brings me happiness. It makes me happy when my family delights in my sweet treats. So the point being, when I cook or bake I find joy in bringing something out of nothing, that makes my family both  happy and healthy. So pull up a bar stool and join me on this adventure in cooking.

So where did the name Aprons and Hardhats come from? It was a combination of my kids and husband. The kids and I were baking one day and they all had their aprons on, looking so cute. Then my boy gets down from the bar stool, runs to his room and returns with a hard hat on. Then my two girls, who thought it was hilarious that brother needed a hardhat to cook with mommy, went and got one for themselves. So after laughing at them my husband said, "Hey, that's a good name: Aprons and Hardhats." I agree. So here's a picture of my kiddos with their "cooking with mommy attire".

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed your stop at Aprons and Hardhats. 

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