Monday, March 19, 2012

Super Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken....

*Caution there are pictures of raw chicken in the post below. You have been warned!*

Way back when I first got married, I would have never in a million years, thought that I would one day roast a chicken. Ever. But here I am a professional chicken roaster. Yes, I have a badge. It may be made of construction paper and colored with a crayon and held on my shirt with tape, but no matter. When my sweet girl tells me that I make the best chicken ever, I take it. Now, if you ask her who makes the best pancakes...her daddy, hands down. She goes silent when asked if I make good pancakes. What?! I gave birth to you, I changed your diapers, and stayed up with you all hours of the night because you hated sleep!(and you hated for anyone else to sleep!) What the What??!!..Sigh..Anyway. Back to the chicken. It is so super duper easy to make a roasted chicken at home. Really, it is. You don't even have to have a roasting pan. (I've only had one for about 3 years.) You can use a deep pan and cover with foil. The ingredient list is easy. Are you ready? Here it is. 

1 whole chicken....make sure all the "insides" are out of the chicken. P.S. This kinda grosses me out. Not a lot of things gross me out, but this does. No biggey. I try to buy the chickens without gizzards and neck. I hope I didn't loose you. It really is easy. I promise.  
2-3 whole lemons
pepper or lemon pepper seasoning
olive oil

You don't have to have the Handy Manny power tool or blow dryer(in the background) to get the job done. I promise. 

See? Easy ingredient list. Make sure your chicken is breast side up.  Now, tuck the wings behind his, well where his head would have been. I take about 3 tablespoons of butter and tuck it between the skin and each chicken breast.(so 6 tablespoons total) The skin is loose, it's super easy. Then, you pour some olive oil all over the chicken. Rub it in. Cover the oiled up chicken in salt(to your tasting) and pepper(or lemon pepper seasoning). Don't be shy! Cut a lemon in half and squeeze that bad boy all over your chicken. Put the squeezed out lemon, in the empty cavity of the chicken. (I don't know if this adds flavor or not, but I think I've seen someone do it on the Food Network. Just go with it.) Cut 1-2 lemons in slices, depending on how big the chicken is. Now, lay the sliced lemons all over the chicken. Don't forget the legs!  Voila! You have a chicken ready to roast. Cover with a lid or foil. Put that lemon covered deliciousness into a 275 degree oven and forget about it. Low and slow is the way to go. *This is my family's motto in seriously it is.*  How do I know when it's done? Just wiggle the little leg bone(with an oven mitt, of course) if it's loose or it almost falls off. It's done! I do like to crank up the heat the last 20- 30 minutes to about 425. Take the lid(or foil) off and let it get crispy on the outside. Keep an eye on it when you do that, you don't want that pretty chicken to be extra crispy! 

It took me no more than 7 minutes to make this chicken look like this. Super Easy for sure!

Not to shabby, aye? Remove the lemons and Enjoy!
This really is simple. Now, I'm a homemaker full time. I'm usually home most of the time so it's easy for me to make a "time consuming" meal during the week. But if you work outside the home, you can still do this on the weekend. Put it in on a Saturday after lunch. Or put it in the oven right before you leave for church on Sunday. It will be ready by the time you get home.{These times, are based on Pentecostal church times. Ha! I go to a Pentecostal church, I can so laugh at this! ;)} You could even put it in a crock pot and call it a day. So please, go to your local grocery store, buy a whole chicken, and roast that bad boy. Your family will love you forever. I promise. 

Until next time, enjoy the day and a chicken leg! Someone please pass the Bar B Q sauce!


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